Search Marketing is More Than Search Results

Search engine marketing and optimization is not just for increasing search engine rankings. It is important to understand that once you believe in the power of SEO your mindset will begin to change and evolve into something much different. Eventually your thought process will move past just reaching search rankings and really building your business online. SEO is about building your brand and your business online.

Here are some advanced topics to increase your online brand building efforts:

Niche Industry Forums where one of the oldest forms of internet communication and still hold a tremendous amount of marketing and SEO value. Since many forums are much older your URL will be sitting on a nicely aged domain which is a great benefit. Some forums are still very heavily trafficked and if you find threads that you can really answer and participate in the conversation you can deliver some really nicely targeted website traffic to your website.

Video Sharing Sites I know many of us have video sitting on video sharing websites already but how many of you actually use the features of the video sharing websites? YouTube and Vimeo both have powerful networking capabilities. Both have the ability to make friend requests and both have the ability to become highly visible in search results. It will take some time to sift around through the data but try making your way through the field of contacts on YouTube and Vimeo and start connecting with your audience in a different light.

User Generated Content If you have an established website that already receives a generous amount of traffic user generated content can bring you loads of great SEO benefits. Everything from guest blog writers to product reviews can really help you increase your content amount along with generating a great deal of new web traffic.

Business Blog Every website can benefit from have a business blog integrated into the structure of the site. Even if it is only updated a few times a month it allows a website to grow in size and strength. Over time that size and strength will allow the website to be much more visible in the search engines.

Search engine optimization does not stop at just rankings any longer. Years ago that was the name of the game but now you must take an advanced approach to marketing yourself online. SEO has become a branding game now so marketing your website as a business is vital regardless of what you offer.

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