Online Textbook Access

 Language Arts Texts:

  • 6th grade  Language Arts
  • User Name:  oloftis1   (that's a one at the end)
    Password:  orange


Science Texts:


  • 7th grade --- GOLD TEAM
  •  (students have their own name and password given by Mrs. Gentry)



Math Texts:



Social Studies Texts:

  • 6th grade Online Book:
  • There are resources for our textbook online.
    There is also an online version of our textbook.
    You need to create a user account to access the textbook.
    Follow these instructions if you would like to access the online book:

    Go to:

    Click on Middle School Social Studies
    Click on Tennessee hit "go"
    Choose "World History: Ancient and Early Modern times"

    This takes you to the home page for our Textbook
    Scroll to the bottom and click "Online Book" Click Create

    Student Account Enter Activation
    Code: 2584202-10

    It takes youback to the first screen

    Click create student account again-
    then follow directions


  • 7th grade Online Book:
  • (see above instructions, but choose Cultures and Geography book and use activation code 3671648-20)


  • 8th grade Online Book:
  • (see above instructions, but choose American History: Beginnings through Reconstruction book and use activation code: 3671648-30)