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General ELA Information 

Link to the Tennessee State Standards:


Class Rules

1. Raise your hand

2. Remain in your seat

3. Do not talk without permission

4. Come prepared to class everyday

5. Respect yourself and others




·Conduct demerit

·Student-Teacher conference

·Parent Contact

·Discipline Referral

Consequences given may occur in any order.


Curriculum and Course Description


            The course follows the framework of the Tennessee state standards. Using a variety of texts and strategies, students will increase their ability to be critical readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.



  Grades will be weighted according to the following system:


Classwork 40%                   Homework 10%


Quizzes 20%                        Tests 30%



Academic Grading Scale


A 93%-100%     B 85%-92%     C 75%-84%     D 70%-74%     F 0%-69%


*Please note that I do NOT round up grades. For example, a 92.9% is considered a “B”, and will not be rounded to an “A”.


Conduct Grading Scale


S Satisfactory     N Needs Improvement     U Unsatisfactory


Late Assignments


            All assignments will be accepted up to 1 day past the original due date. Late assignments will incur a 20% penalty. Assignments submitted more than day late or not at all will automatically earn a grade of zero.


Make-Up Work


            Per school handbook guidelines, a student who has been absent is permitted to make up the work missed, provided that the student makes arrangements with the teacher. Make-up work must be submitted within 5 days or by the deadline set by the teacher.


Cellphone/Electronics Policy


            Cellphones, electronic, and musical devices are NOT to be brought to class. If any electronic device is seen, heard, or used in class without permission, I will confiscate it and turn it into the office per Loftis handbook guidelines. 


Independent Reading


            Students are to have an appropriate book in class with them every day for independent reading purposes. Students should be reading about 25 minutes a day and will also use books for independent reading projects. 




            Homework will be assigned as necessary to practice skills outside of the classroom. You can expect homework 1-2 times per week.


Contact Information


            Directly e-mailing at me is the quickest and most efficient way to get in touch with me.

            Grades can always be viewed through PowerSchool and should be checked on a regular basis as they are always updated.