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Welcome to Health 

Whats going on in Health?


8th grade - We have started into our fitness unit.  The students will be learning the benefits of physical fitness as well as how to develop a good fitness plan.  We will be learning about the skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems.  In the systems the students learn the specific parts and how they move.

7th grade - We have also started into a fitness unit. these students will be learning about decision making and goal setting.  they will create a fitness goal for themselves.  these students will learn about the skeletal muscular and circulatory system.  they will also be developing personal fitness programs.

6th grade - On Thursday August 31 they will be taking their first test.  The things that will be on the test are general health concepts, goal setting, and decision making.  I have attached a copy of the study guide as well as answers.  these documents are under the assignment documents tab.


I hope this helps