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Welcome to Bible History 

Bible History is taught from a historical point of view, not a religious point of view. Listed below is the syllabus for each grade level.


Life of Jesus (8th Grade)

Following the Federal District Court ruling by Judge Frank. M. Wilson, 1980


Course Description: This is a “related arts” elective study of the life of Jesus. After an introduction including Old Testament background concerning Jesus, the years between the Old and New Testaments, and a general description of the four gospels, we will launch into Jesus’ life, using the Gospel of Luke as our primary guide. This is not a religion class. The students are not being indoctrinated with a particular theology or philosophy. Instead, students will be given the opportunity to see what the Bible actually says and how it has played an influential role in our history, literature, music, art and culture.


Unit 1: Introduction to the New Testament

A. Introduction to the Course

B. Books of the New Testament

C. Overview of events between the Old and New Testaments

D. Development of the New Testament

E. Introduction to Gospel Writers

F. Map of Israel in Jesus’ Time



Unit 2: Life of Jesus: Birth & Childhood Luke 1-4:13

A. Birth of Jesus                   Luke 1& 2

B. Boyhood                         Luke



Unit 3: Pre-Ministry

A. Baptism                             Luke 3

B. Temptation                       Luke 4

C. Choosing of the Twelve   Luke 5 & following



Unit 4: Ministry of Jesus    Luke 5-22

A. Teachings      

B. Miracles  

C. Personal Encounters


Unit 5: Life of Jesus: Last Week   Luke 19-24

A. Triumphal Entry

B. Arrest, Trials & Crucifixion

C. Resurrection Accounts

D. Map of Jerusalem



·         Develop an understanding of the New Testament’s relationship to the Old Testament

·         Understand more fully the importance of Jesus’ life to the world historically, sociologically and culturally through music, art, and literature.


 Outline of Genesis (6th Grade)

Following the Federal District Court ruling by Judge Frank. M. Wilson, 1980


Unit 1: The Origin and Development of the Bible


A. Introduction to the Course

B. Orientation of Middle East Map

C. The Role of Languages and Translations

D. Divisions of the Bible (Old & New    


E. Introduction to the Books of the Bible



Unit 2  The Genesis Account of Early Civilization

A. Creation of the World

B. Adam and Eve

C. Cain and Abel

D. Noah and the Flood

E. Tower of Babel



Unit 3 The Formation of the Nation of Israel

A. Middle East Map

B. Abraham: The Call & the Covenant

C. Lot

D. Hagar & Ishmael

E. Sodom and Gomorrah

F. Isaac’s Birth and Abraham’s Testing

G. Esau, Jacob & 12 Sons (Tribes of Israel)

H. Joseph



Outline of Exodus  (7th Grade)

Following the Federal District Court ruling by Judge Frank. M. Wilson, 1980



Unit 1: Introduction to the Course



A. Review: Origin and Development of the Bible, Bible Books, Joseph and the Israelite settlement in Egypt

B. Introduction to the Book of Exodus

C. Review of the Middle East Map



Unit 2: Life of Moses: Early Years – Exodus 1-4:17


A. Birth and Childhood

B. Moses’ Life in Egypt &Midian

C. God’s Call: The Burning Bush



Unit 3: The Exodus – Exodus 4:18 -15:21


A. Moses before Pharoah

B. The Ten Plagues & the Passover

C. Crossing the Red Sea

D. Map of Travels



Unit 4: The Organization of Israel – Exodus 15:22-40


A. Giving of the Law – Covenant

B. The Ten Commandments

C The Golden Calf

D. The Tabernacle & Priesthood

E. The Wilderness Wanderings (Numbers 10-25)

F. Moses: Final Days and Joshua (Deuteronomy 30-34)

G. Map of Travels





·         Develop a greater appreciation for the Bible on the basis of its historical, sociological and literary merit.


·         Develop a greater understanding of the Bible in relationship to its culture and the contemporary world.