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7th Science (Navy) / Head Football / Boys Soccer Coach
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Syllabus/Pacing Guide 

Seventh grade science if broken into for main sections. The first section is Inquiry and is visited each nine weeks.

First Quarter: Focus is on Earth Science. Topics include: 1. Rocks and Minerals, 2. Rock Cycle, 3. Structure of the Earth,4.Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics.

Second Quarter: Focus is on Physcal Science. Topics include: 1. Matter in Motion, 2. Newton's Laws of Motion, 3.Work and Machines, 4. Energy of Waves.

Third Quarter : Focus is on Life Science. Topics include: 1. Cells, 2. Cell Processes, 3. Cell Division, 4. Body Organization.

Fourth Quarter : Focus is on Life Science and reviewing for the year: 1. Genes and DNA, 2. Plant Processes, 3. Year Long Review.