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Important Information

Important Information  

Greetings parents and students,

        I hope that each of you have been receiving my daily email communications with assignment, project, and test information. If you are not receiving these emails, please let me know ASAP. The absolute best way to reach me is via email at I check email frequently and typically I will send you a response within an hour of receiving your message. I try to hold true to this in the evenings as well so that I can be of assistance on homework. You can also call the school but they will have to relay the message to me and that may delay my response back to you. With that being said, do not ever hesitate to call as I will return your phone calls.

        In regards to daily homework and other classroom assignments/activities, in my daily emails I try to give you a general idea of what your student did in class that day and, of course, list the assignments that will be due the next day or throughout the week. So far, I have been hit or miss on getting copies of the classwork assignment but my goal is to at some point be gathering those and uploading them as well. If anyone needs daily classwork for a particular class, I will make I point to gather that as well.

        Hopefully, by now, each of you has had a chance to click on the link to the 8th Grade Resource Page I have set up for you and your students. At the top left and top right of the page are links to either the Green or Silver team classes. When you click those you will be directed to a list of folders for each of your students’ teachers. Click on a folder and you will see a list of the files I have uploaded for that particular class. In the daily email I try to refer to the assignment by the filename you will see listed in the online folder.  Your student should bring home a paper copy of the assignment each day but if for some reason they forget it, then you can either print off the worksheet or you can just write down the answer. If you cannot print the worksheet and just write answers, make sure the answers are clearly marked as to what assignment they go with and also label the paper with the heading from the actual worksheet.  I will include the link again here and it is also under the external links section on my Loftis Middle School teacher page.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions.

Loftis Phone: 423-843-4749