Parent/ Student Communication

Parents/Students - please read - January 9th  

January 9, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone's winter break was wonderful.  Reports cards for quarter 2 will go home with students on Friday.  

The root word your child is studying this week is mob/mot which means move.  The mob/mot homework will be due tomorrow (Wednesday, January 10th).  There is a Powerpoint with these words located on this webpage.  It is also important that your child is reading a minimum of 20 minutes each evening and filling out his/her reading log.

We will be working this week on how to correctly use commas in complex sentences and using commas with transition words and phrases.  Students will also be introduced to expository (informational) essay writing.  

 Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Williams (Pendergrass)

Please read - December 8th  

Dear Parents and Students,

Take a moment to review the class calendar for upcoming assignments. 

There is test scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th.  Below is the study guide.  Please remember, you will be able to use your literacy notebooks, textbook, short story folder, and writing folder.  There is a chron/temp PowerPoint online if you would like to look over your vocabulary words this weekend.  Below is the study guide.

You will read two metaphorical poems that you have not analyzed before.  It will be important to annotate these poems for better understanding.  Questions will cover the following:

·        Central Idea

·        Structure

·        Analysis of repetition

·        Tone

·        Analysis of figurative language/poetic devices

You will have questions over The Hitchhiker that will include the following:

·        Tone

·        Author’s purpose

·        Foreshadowing

·        Symbolism

·        Character perspective/point of view

Correlating, Coordinating, and Subordinating Conjunctions:  
You will read several paragraphs and locate where the commas are missing in the sentences that contain subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.  You will also decide which correlating conjunction pair works best in sentences. 

Root Words Chron/Temp (Time)

You will read a story and fill in blank with the correct Chron/Temp word.  You will have a word bank.

You may use all of your notes in your literacy notebook, textbook, short story folder, and writing folder.

Q-2 Independent Reading Assignment  

Dear Parents, 

Today, students were sent home with instructions and a rubric regarding the upcoming independent reading interview.  Please see the information below.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Pendergrass


Second Quarter Independent Reading Interview 
(Interviews will take place December 13th, 14th, and 15th.  You will be assigned your interview date on Monday, December 4th)

Your independent reading interview is a conversation about your experience with the book you chose to read this quarter.  To prepare for your interview, follow the steps below:

What to do:

1.       Finish book you committed to reading for Quarter 2.

2.       Place 5 Post-it notes inside your book on five different pages that you find particularly interesting, beautiful, or significant.  Make notes on the Post-it to remind yourself why you chose each page (see attached sheet with exemplary examples of Post-it note annotations).

3.       Preview the interview questions at the bottom of this sheet and think about how to answer them.

4.       Bring your book and your Post-its to your independent reading interview.

At the beginning of your interview, you will be asked to explain at least one of your Post-it notes.  You will also be asked to answer a few of the following questions.

Interview questions:

·         What is your favorite quotation in the book?  Locate the page that the quotation is on and explain what it means.

·         Describe the main character.  What is his or her greatest flaw?  What is his or her greatest strength?

·         What genre is the book?

·         Did you relate to any of the characters in the book?  Who did you relate to the most and why?

·         What is the overarching theme of the book?

·         Describe the setting(s) of the book.

·         What is the main conflict that takes place in your book?  How does this conflict help the author develop the characters? 

·         If the book is nonfiction, when did the events of the book take place?

·         If the book is nonfiction, what did you learn from the book?

·         To whom would you recommend this book?  Why?

Independent Reading Interview – Quarter 2

20 pts.

15 pts.

10 pts.

5 pts.

0 pts.

Communication Skills – Student can speak effectively, has come prepared, and communicates clearly and fluently with the teacher.






Reading Comprehension – Student can recount plot with accuracy, shows evidence of utilizing comprehension strategies such as questioning, making predictions, and making text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections.






Character Knowledge – Student shows ability to relate to/infer character emotions, motivations, actions, and personal qualities.  Student can identify major transitions (changes) undergone by character.






Analysis/Response – (Indicated through 5 Post-it annotations).  Student demonstrates ability to select / analyze passages that are significant to the narrative throughout the full scope of the text and have significant meaning to them.






Connections – Through conversation, student connects literature to life, whether on a personal level or by drawing similarities to other novels or world/community/ cultural issues.






                                              Total Score:                 /100