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4-16 - 4-20  
  • The Writing Assessment is this Wednesday!  Please get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast!  Students will need 2 pencils and a highlighter for this.
  • While there isn't a homework worksheet this week, nor a specific amount of required independent reading minutes, please look over the brainstorming formats (the quiz for this will be returned Monday).  Also, please pick your book up and read it some this week :)

4-9 - 4-13  
  • This week students will be given a study guide on Monday for a quiz on Friday.  This quiz has two parts - part one is making sure the students know the required format for the brainstorming of each type of writing - explanatory, argumentative, and narrative, and part two will have students read a prompt question with associated articles and then brainstorm using the correct format and writing relevant information for that brainstorming.
  • We will also be focusing on certain types of questions that will be seen on the reading comprehension portion of the TCAP test.
  • We will have library this Thursday.
  • 100 minutes of independent reading this week.
  • FYI, the TCAP writing assessment will be next Wednesday, April 18th, and the TCAP reading comprehension testing will begin on the following Monday, April 23rd.

3-26 - 3-29  

Short 4-day week before spring break :)

  • We will be practicing the use of dialogue in narrative writing.
  • We will also use the short story "All Summer in a Day" as the text for a narrative writing prompt.  Before we brainstorm and write the draft, we will be analyzing the story with a worksheet.
  • Only homework this week will be 80 minutes of independent reading.

3-19 - 3-23  
  • This week we focused on narrative prompts.  We also analyzed a myth and completed and Everyday Edit.
  • Homework worksheet due Thursday, and 100 minutes of independent reading.

3-12 - 3-15  
  • This week we will be working on part of the 6th grade TCAP practice test which the state gives us as a resource.  Within this we will also discuss how to manage the timed writing assessment portion of the test.
  • We will have a cumulative quiz over several topics on Wednesday, 3/15 - speech analysis, poem analysis, punctuation (semicolon, colon, and comma), and the homophone there - their - they're.
  • 80 minutes of indep. reading for this four-day week.

3-5 - 3-9  
  • This week we will be focusing on poetry analysis.
  • Our homework worksheet will be focused on this, as well as homophones and other frequently confused words.
  • 100 minutes independent reading.

2-26 - 3-2  
  • This week our grammar focus is again on punctuation - semicolons, colons, and commas.  The homework worksheet is due Thursday, 3/1.
  • We will be composing our second argument essay over high impact sports this week.
  • 100 minutes independent reading minimum required this week.

2-20 - 2-23  
  • Presidents' Day Monday.
  • The week of 2-20 - 2-23, our grammar focus was semicolons and colons.  We took notes in the composition book, and the homework worksheet was due Thursday 2/22.
  • We finished analyzing speeches and wrote a short critique of a speech.
  • We then moved to our second argument essay topic - high impact sports.  Students read two articles and took notes to decide on their claim for their essay (to be completed next week).
  • Four day week - 80 minutes minimum of independent reading.

2-12 - 2-16  
  • We focused on some speeches, specifying the claim/argument the speech writer presented and identifying the supporting evidence.  We also did a critique of a speech, which we will finish Monday (2/20).
  • The homework worksheet this week involved reading comprehension and an objective summary.
  • Independent reading for homework, too.

1-5 - 1-9  
  • This week we will be finishing analyzing a few myths.  We have an assignment on "Ceres and Persipona" and a combined assignment for the myths "Apollo's Tree" and "Arachne".  If you are absent, these myths are accessible via the online textbook in Unit 6.  (See the Links tab for login info. for the online textbook).
  • We are also working on objective summaries.  For our homework this week, students were given a new myth, "Achilles' Heel", to read.  On a separate sheet, they need to write an objective summary (the main points of the story without opinion or unnecessary minor details) of this myth.  To guide students, the range of 100-150 words is the length expectation for this.
  • In library this week, students will be researching Greek gods and goddesses and choosing a god or goddess to research in-depth.  They will be making a "playing card" of this figure.  If they do not finish this is class Tuesday, it is homework due Wednesday.
  • Full week of independent reading - 20 minutes a night minimum required.

1-29 - 2-2  
  • This week, we will brainstorm and draft an argument essay.
  • The homework worksheet this week is also a study guide for a quiz over plot and point of view (this Friday 2/2).  It is shorter in length this week since I'd like students to study this and the chart of indefinite pronouns to feel best prepared for the quiz.
  • We will also be reading and analyzing a few myths in class.
  • Five days of independent reading for homework.

  • We are finishing our study of pronoun antecedent agreement this week - the homework on pronoun antecedent will be due Thursday, 1-25.
  • We are beginning argument writing.  The format will be given, and students will begin on the first topic - social media.
  • One everyday edit this week.  100 minutes of independent reading for this full week!

one day week of 1-19  
  • Wow!  Snow week!  
  • Today we reviewed pronoun antecedent agreement since we'd had several days of separation from this tricky grammar.
  • Read at least 20 minutes for this week! Thank you kindly.

1-9 - 1-12  
  • Sorry for the delay in the new quarter!
  • For the week of 1/9 - 1/12 (1/8 we had a "frost day"), students focused on pronoun antecedent agreement (homework focus due 1/11) and plot analysis of the story "Ghost of the Lagoon" (daily grade 1/12).  We also had an Everyday Edit.  80 minutes of required independent reading.

12-18 - 12-19  
  • Tuesday the 19th is a half day.
  • While no independent reading minutes are required this week, please read your novel(s) some over the break!  I will be reading a bunch :)
  • Have a wonderful winter break with your family and friends!

12-11 - 12-15  
  • This week we will be completing an assignment on analyzing nonfiction texts.
  • We will also start a short media study where we look at how camera angles, sound effects, etc. influence the viewing of a story.
  • We will have a library day on Thursday where we will be participating in the national effort call "Hour of Code".  This is where students learn a little about computer programming via computer games.
  • We will not have a homework worksheet this week.
  • This will be our last week of the quarter with required reading - 100 minutes.

Candy Contribution  

We are asking each student to bring in a large bag of individually wrapped candy to his/her homeroom teacher by next Tuesday, 12/12.  We will be making "candy bags" for every student with the variety of student-donated candies for our last day (a half-day on 12/19) before the winter break.  Please avoid candy with nuts for nut allergies.  If a student has other allergies, we will make a specialized bag for that student.  

12-4 - 12-8  
  • We will be having another review assignment grade this week, where we review our studies from the past several weeks.  Students will be given a preview to the review assignment on Monday, and the review assignment will be given on Wednesday.
  • This week we will be reading a couple of texts which stem from students' study of China in history class.  When will analyze them, as well.
  • The homework is focused on reviewing subject and object pronouns; this will be due on Thursday.
  • We may also squeeze in an Everyday Edit.
  • Independent reading of 100 minutes for this five-day week.

11-27 - 12-1  
  • This week we will be analyzing and comparing/contrasting a legend and a short story.
  • We will be focusing on comma rules for the grammar homework worksheet which is due Thursday (11/30).  Students received an essentials note sheet to assist with this assignment.
  • We will have one Everyday Edit this week.
  • 100 minutes of independent reading for this 5-day week.
  • We will be having a spelling bee qualifying test on Friday (this does not count as an actual grade).  The top four spellers from the red team will represent us at the LMS school bee!

  • All Red Team students may dress down Tuesday, November 21st!  We found this information out last-minute, so please spread the word to other red team students!
  • This week some students are finishing typing and submitting their best friend book character analysis essay.  The process of formatting, punctuation, and spacing, along with time for the teacher to look at and conference with each student has extended this process!
  • Students need to read Monday and Tuesday nights, for 40 total minutes of independent reading this week.
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for my students!

11-13 - 11-17  
  • We are focusing on the short story "The Dog of Pompeii" this week.
  • We are also typing our Best Friend Book Character Analysis essay.  Students filled out a graphic organizer last week which I have looked over to provide any feedback needed.  They will be typing it in Google docs during our library day this week and submitting it to me in Google Classroom.  I will walk them through joining my Google classroom, as well as the formatting required for the typed essay.
  • The homework worksheet is focused on types of sentences; it is due Thursday.
  • 100 minutes of independent reading this week.

11-6 - 11-10  
  • The Mesopotamia essay from last week (finished Monday 11/6 by 1st and 3rd periods) will be analyzed for content.
  • We will then begin analyzing our best friend book - organizing our textual evidence into the essay (cheeseburger) graphic organizer.
  • Homework this week is focused on more practice with simple and compound sentences and beginning practice with complex sentences.
  • 100 minutes (minimum) independent reading.
  • (If we have time to fit it in, an everyday edit :)

10-30 - 11-3  

2nd and 4th periods - if you did not finish the essay draft in class, you must finish it at home - due Friday 11/3 when you come to class.

Essay Graphic Organizer (Cheeseburger format) Quiz has been moved to next Monday (11/6) due to change in library day.  Students were given a blank graphic organizer to practice at home for the quiz.

  • This week we will be focusing on explanatory essays - using our graphic organizer (it looks like a cheeseburger) to organize our claim, supporting points, evidence, and explanations.  We will have a quiz over the graphic organizer Friday (to make sure students know what is required in the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs). 
  • We will be analyzing two articles starting Tuesday that coincide with history curriculum to write an essay in class.
  • For our grammar homework, we are focusing on simple and compound sentences.  This homework is due Thursday, 11-2.
  • For independent reading, students should alternate reading their best friend book and their current novel.  Students have this week to reread most/all of their best friend book.  Students were given post-its to find evidence in their novels for the following character analysis prompt we will be drafting next week -  "Write an explanatory essay where you analyze the personality of a main character.  Determine a strong adjective to describe that character's personality and support that with three examples from the novel."
  • 100 minutes required for independent reading this week.

Have a happy Halloween :)

10-23 - 10-27  
  • This week's homework will be focused on prepositional phrases and sentence fragments - due Thursday, 10/26.
  • We will be finishing up our narrative unit by analyzing a narrative task - this includes reading a text, answering questions of text analysis, and completing a narrative prompt.
  • Then, we will begin our study of expository/explanatory writing.  We will look at formatting for expository writing and begin our first analysis of texts for an expository writing assignment.
  • We will have our second "Everyday Edit" graded assignment on Thursday, 10/26.
  • Our preview day for the school Book Fair is this Wednesday.  Students may bring money that day, or they can note what they like that day and bring money on Thursday or Friday.  I will allow them a quick trip back to the library to complete their preplanned purchases.
  • Students are required to have determined and gotten their Best Friend book no later than this Friday 10/27.  Bring BF book and current novel to class for the next few weeks.  Please read a description of this from last week's posted announcement.
  • 100 minutes of independent reading required this week.  Please alternate reading of current novel and rereading of BF book.

10-16 - 10-20 - sorry for delay in post!  
  • This past week, we focused on adverbs for our homework, as well as a review of the past several weeks.  Students were given a preview sheet of practice to prepare and study for the second review assignment we've had this year.  This was given Wednesday.  We also analyzed two poems for tone and theme.  We are finishing up up our narrative unit with a narrative task going into next week.  We finally practiced our grammar with an "Everyday Edit".  On Friday we did our first "Everyday Edit" for a grade.
  • Also, students need to choose a chapter book they have read in their past that they consider their "best friend book".  This needs to be a book that they love, particularly for the characters.  Students need to start bringing this book to class and rereading it, so it's fresh on their minds.   Students should bring both their current novel and their BF book to class.   Please alternate independent reading each night between your best friend book and current novel.  The BF book will be used as a source for analyzing a character for an explanatory literary character analysis essay.  We will begin this process soon but want to give students a head start on rereading the BF book.

10-2 - 10-5  
  • This week we will continue our focus of possible ways narrative prompts could be asked on the TCAP writing assessment.  Possible prompts could be -  changing the point of view of a scene/story or continuing the story from the original point of view.
  • Students will not have a homework worksheet this week because, depending on what they complete in class with the narrative prompt/task for "The Jacket", they may need to bring home the narrative task for drafting, proofreading, and/or editing.  It will be completed by the end of class this Thursday.
  • We will also have our first accountable talk on our library day this week, which has been changed to Tuesday.  We will analyze a text and discuss it as a whole class, with each individual adding input, forming big ideas about the text, and learning from each other to have a solid interpretation and analysis of the text.
  • Only 80 minutes of independent reading required this week (4-day week for students).

9-25 - 9-29  
  • This week's homework will be over helping verbs and verb phrases - due Thursday, Sept. 28th.
  • This week we will focus on analyzing the realistic fiction story "Eleven".  We will analyze it for literary elements, figurative language, and theme.
  • Then we will discuss the main character through a small group activity called a silent conversation.  
  • Next, we will analyze how a different narrator would change the story - how would the point of view change?  what would we now know/not know/know better?
  • Students will be tested over this story through multiple choice reading comprehension questions, multiple choice vocabulary questions, and one long answer R.A.C.E. question. Students are allowed to refer back to the text for this test but should have the vocabulary words memorized. The test will be this Thursday, Sept. 28th.
  • 100 minutes of independent reading required for this 5-day week.

9-18 - 9-22  
  • This week we will finish proofreading and editing our personal narratives.  Students have received a rubric checklist which parents may look over to assist with proofreading.  We will be publishing the narrative in class on Friday (9/22).  There is not time/availability to type them in class that day, but if a student would like to type his/hers, he/she may type it in Google Docs or Microsoft Word using the formatting in the student's writing handbook, page 42.  Typed narratives must be turned in, shared on Google, or emailed as an attachment to me ( not later than Monday, Sept. 25.
  • Homework this week is over action and linking verbs, as well as an additional practice with possession with apostrophes.  It is due this Thursday, 9/21.
  • 100 minutes minimum for independent reading this week.

9-11 - 9-15  
  • This week we will continue with narrative writing.  We will also word on great crafting ideas (dialogue, figurative language, sequencing, etc.) as we proofread and edit our choice narrative draft.
  • Our homework this week will focus on possession with apostrophes.  This homework is due Thursday, 9/14.
  • 100 minutes (minimum total) are required for this week's independent reading bookmark.
  • Have a safe week!

9-5 - 9-8  
  • During this week we will begin brainstorming and drafting personal narrative ideas.  We will then choose one of those ideas to take through the writing process of proofreading, editing, and publishing.
  • Every few weeks, I like to give a review assignment in class.  Our first review assignment will be this Friday (9/8).  Students should use all materials (composition book notes, graded homework) to prepare for this.  On Wednesday, I will give students a preview of the assignment, so they know the topics included and the types of questions that will be asked.  On this first review assignment, students will need to know the definitions of noun and adjective.  Students will also need to have the acronyms R.A.C.E. (for long-answer responses) and P.I.E. (for author's purpose) memorized (these acronyms are in their notes).  There will be sentences where students will need to identify nouns and adjectives that describe them.  There will also be sentences where the student will be given a base adjective and will be required to make it a comparative adjective or superlative adjective, based on the context of the sentence.  Finally, the students will be given a short passage to read with a R.A.C.E. long-answer response question that they will need to answer after reading the passage.
  • Homework worksheet over pronouns due Thursday, 9/7.
  • 80 minutes total of outside-of-class independent reading minutes required this week (since a four-day week).

8-28 - 9-1  
  • During the week, we will be working on how to best answer extended response questions using the acronym R.A.C.E. (Restate some wording of the question, Answer the question, Cite evidence from the text, and Explain the answer).  The Maniac Magee test on Friday will consist of three extended response questions, and students will be able to prepare for the questions by taking notes on an index card I will give them.  Students may use the novel and index card on the test Friday.
  • Homework worksheets over degrees of adjectives and R.A.C.E. reading response.  These two stapled worksheets will be given out Monday and are due Thursday.
  • 100 minutes minimum of outside-of-class independent reading homework are required this week (5 days X 20 minutes each).


8-22 - 8-25  
  • 1st and 3rd periods - "Woodsong" story quiz Tuesday.
  • Continue logging Independent Reading minutes; homework minutes are read outside of ELA class (at home, in the car, etc.)  Only 80 minutes minimum are required for this 4-day week.
  • Homework worksheet over adjectives and continued reading comprehension practice, given Tuesday and due Thursday.
  • Maniac Magee test long-answer test questions will be previewed on Friday.  Students are encouraged to spend time preparing their answers.  Student will be allowed to take bullet-pointed notes (phrases, not sentences) on an index card (provided by teacher) to use on the test.  The test will be the following Friday, September 1st.


Change in "Woodsong" story quiz date for 1st and 3rd periods  

1st and 3rd periods are behind (which is okay), but their "Woodsong" story quiz will now be Tuesday, August 22nd.  

8/14 - 8/18  
  • Starting Monday, students need to bring an independent reading novel of choice to class with them every day.  Leading up to the required summer reading book test, students should bring their Maniac Magee book to class (if they own a copy), as well as their independent reading novel of choice.  Students will be allowed to check out a novel from my classroom library starting Monday.
  • Students will receive a bookmark reading log where they will log their reading minutes.  20 minutes are required each week night Monday - Friday (100 minutes per week = 1 hr., 40 minutes).  If a student misses a night of reading, he/she can double up reading on another weeknight or read on the weekend.
  • Homework worksheet over nouns and reading comprehension will be given out Monday and be due Thursday.
  • Short story quiz over "Woodsong" will be given this Friday, August 18th. (update, 1st and 3rd periods' quiz is moved to Tuesday, August 22nd.)
  • Maniac Magee test will be Friday, September 1st.  A week prior to the test, students will receive a preview of the test.