School Counseling
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Loftis Middle School Counseling

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our counseling program here at Loftis Middle School!

Examples of a few of the services I provide in our school:

* Easing the transition into middle school by coordinating orientation programs for upcoming 6th graders during their 5th grade year.

* Preparing 8th grade students for their high school transition

* Offer college and career advice and information

* Meet with students individually to help them find ways to cope with the issues they are facing, and help them find more long term assistance, if needed.

* Building 504 Coordinator

* Attend parent/teacher conferences to determine ways I can help the student succeed.

* Coordinate and plan staff trainings on a variety of topics such as bullying prevention, suicide prevention, and child abuse awareness.

* Assist with schedule changes

* Oversee new student registration


General information:

* To request a conference with your child's team of teachers, please contact the team leader.

* When enrolling a new student, please have the following:

           - 2 Proofs of Residence (must be utility bills within the last 30-60 days, must be in the name of                the parent/legal guardian, documents from a government agency such as the IRS, child support              statements, food stamps/assistance, etc. are also acceptable as long as they are in the name of              the parent/guardian and are no older than 30-60 days)

           - Birth Certificate and Social Security Card 

           - Shot Record (must be transferred to a TN form before enrolling if you are coming from out of                  state)

          - Withdrawal form indicating current grades at the time of withdrawal from the previous school

* All enrollment papers and required items must be submitted to Loftis Middle School by 12 pm NOON in order for your student to begin the next school day.

* When requesting a record release for private school admissions purposes, please make sure that you add my email address and contact information to the request, in addition to the person(s) you want to complete a recommendation. Also, please submit the request for records at least one week before you need the transcript and records sent. 

* Please update any changes in custody, legal names, addresses, and phone numbers in our main office as soon as possible. Changes in custody and legal name will require the legal paperwork stating those changes.

* Please contact me if your family is in immediate need of assistance with food, clothing, and shelter.