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Visual Art

"We are Next" Arts Seminar
"We are Next" Arts Seminar

Welcome to Loftis Middle School Art!


Thank you for allowing your child to participate in our visual arts program. At Loftis, we strive to provide your child with the best learning environment possible with a positive multicultural learning experiences. Students are involved with academically infused applicaitons that are aligned with state and national art standards that is complimentary to their core classroom curriculum.

In order for us to continue to provide each child with these expectations of a better well rounded education, the art program has permission from the Hamilton County School Board to request a $10.00 art fee per child. This fee is designed to meet the variety of media for your child as well as a broad spectrum of cross curricular projects. The fee is not mandatory but is definitely appreciated, as we have to replenish our supplies each semester . Checks are preferred with your childs name and homeroom teacher name in the note column.

For Art, our child will also need:

*1 3 ring binder (does not have to be new and if kept from year to year with the portfolio inside, the student earns 10 points for every semester.)

*7 dividers- these may be homemade with folders or construction paper with post it notes.These are to be labeled as Notes, Journal, Sketchbook, Articles, Classwork, Handouts and Misc. For the previous years work)

*Notebook Paper

*#2 Wooden pencils

* If you are interested in donation different items, we can use:

-Materials with patterns and textures

-Clorox or Lysol Wipes

-Paper, all sizes, kinds and rolls

-Rope, string and yarn.

-Mens L and XL white button up long sleeved shirts  for cover ups. Used ones are Great!

-Paper and styro plates

-Any art or craft materials

-Yogurt, cottage cheese or similiar containers with lids

-Any size digital camera or usb cords. If you plan to discard an older camera donate it to the Art Class. All cameras are for student use and are kept here. If donating a larger camera, these can be considered as gifs and are tax deductible.

-Coke rewards lids or inside panels from 12 pack boxes. These provide materials from online and even drinks for students on reward days.

-Labels for education that can be found on Campbell's soup cans and other food products.


Thank you for visitin the Art site! Do take a look at our happenings and photo gallery!

With Thanks,

Pam Hopkins