7th grade Library Students:




YEARBOOKS & BabyFace Ads! 

YEARBOOK: You can still order yearbooks! www.ybpay.lifetouch.com. Loftis code: 6020117

BABY FACE ADS: In the Loftis Middle School Yearbook, there has traditionally been a section for 8th grade parents to place an ad in honor of their student. This year we are continuing this tradition. There are three ad sizes from which you can choose:

1.       An eighth page ad (business card size) with 1 picture and up to 15 words of text is $25.

2.       A quarter page ad (usually holds approx. 3 pictures and up to 25 words of text) is $50.

3.       A half page ad (usually holds approx. 4 pictures and up to 35 words of text) is $100.

Please contact Jana Clemons if you are interested in purchasing one for this year's yearbook. Spaces are limited and time is running out.

Jana Clemons, Yearbook sponsor



Yearbook News: If you have pictures you'd like to donate to our yearbook, please read the information below:


COMMUNITY UPLOAD: Members of your school community can upload images for consideration in the yearbook! Share the following access code so they can upload images at community.lifetouch.com . Distribute the Community Upload access code to the families in your school so they can upload photos to be considered for the yearbook.


Community Image Upload Site Access Code: MGWYNQ





LMS Beta Club


wins 1st place

for the second year in a row at the Beta Convention in Nashville, TN!!!





Congratulations, Loftis Cheerleaders!

1st place in their 1st competition

(Fusion in Dalton, Ga.)



The 2016-17 school year is going to be a great one, and we are glad you are a part of it. 

Below is some basic information to start and keep our year moving smoothly:

Information on ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE:
*Students who ride buses will arrive before 7:05 A.M. and will be supervised in the grade designated sections of the bleachers of the gymnasium. 
*Students who eat breakfast may report to the cafeteria as soon as they arrive at school.  *Students who eat breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until 7:05, when they will be dismissed by teachers on duty. 
*Students may not move to the instructional areas until the bell rings at 7:05, unless they have an appointment with a staff member.  A note is required. 
*Students are to leave the building to board the bus promptly at 2:15 P.M.


****The following Hamilton County Board of Education policy is also in effect: 

The School Board cannot be responsible for students left in the morning at school earlier than thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning time of school and for students who are not picked up by the time the last bus leaves in the afternoon.  In the morning students who do not ride the bus should enter through the main entrance only.


Outside Food or Drink during Morning Arrival

Students should not bring in outside food or drinks to consume during bus duty time or during class. Teachers may allow students to have bottled water in class. Outside food and drinks are allowed during lunch time. *Gum is not allowed at school.


Car Riders

Car riders must be dropped off and picked up in front of the building. For safety reasons students MAY NOT enter or exit vehicles in either of the side parking lots, or in the rear of the school without prior approval from the administration.  Car riders are to report to the bleachers in the gymnasium.  Car riders who eat breakfast can report directly to the cafeteria where they will remain until dismissed at 7:05 by teachers on duty.  Afternoon car riders are to report to the front of the building as soon as the 2:15 bell rings. 


*Due to safety issues, parents can NO longer park in the side parking lot and walk to the front to pick up your student.

Thanks for your understanding! This is for the safety of all students.







Click HERE for the Hamilton County BUS STOP LOCATOR


To request a bus stop, click http://www.hcde.org/?PN=Pages&SubP=Level1Page&L=2&DivisionID=14531&DepartmentID=15142&PageID=20876&ToggleSideNav=ShowAll


CONGRATS to our 2016 National Champions!!!




2016-2017 Dress Code is available here:





Check out our newest opportunity to get $ for our school!

 $Food City School Bucks$

Print the barcode and run to Food City to link your card. Everytime you buy groceries, we earn cash! Thanks Food City and parents for the support.




Remember, 40 BOXTOPS = 1 Dressdown day!

(They also help our school!)

Please remember this when buying supplies and groceries.


























2016-17 Handbook

School Events
•  Musical
•  School Matinee 1pm
•  Renaissance Dress down- green card

Sports Events
•  Practice at Soddy High at 2:45-4:00  (Track and Field)
•  Practice Meet at Soddy High  (Track and Field)
•  Track Meet at Soddy High  (Track and Field)

Organizations Events
•  beta meeting until 3 in cafe  (Beta Club)